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Saturday, August 1, 2009

How to Get Rid of a Ghost

There are a few ways to try and alleviate your surroundings of ghosts or spirits. I will recommend a few ways in the following paragraphs. But just as a note these tips my not work for all, and I will not promise them too, it depends on your situation. I will add to this blog article as need be and organize or re-adjust it as needed. I will try and keep this as my front page all the time as this is what a lot of people need to know. I will attempt to alphabetize the rest of my blog in the following months and years to make it easier to find your subject. I will also make RED links to all the subjects on words that you may be of interest that I have covered.

Please be aware that some of the spirits in your home may be relatives. Most are innocent enough and mean you no harm. But if you are fearful of spirits and it is too much for you to deal with I have a few options for you. I am just hoping to help some that feel they have no where to turn. If you are interested please read on....

First and foremost you can smudge, which is the burning of sage throughout each and every corner of you home. This is widely practiced. You can chant something calmly ( be without fear, be collected) usually to the effect of " This is a peaceful home and all who dwell with these walls are good souls(people) and do not wish to have your presence with their home. The people in this home are asking you to leave this home Immediately. Please respect their wishes and leave this home." You may change certain words to my, mine, our and I, etc.

After you do this or even if you don't do the above. You can also take an every day broom ( be sure this broom is only to be used for what I explain below, and not any other purpose) You can purchase any old broom for this or one of those brooms that you find around Halloween for witch costumes or decorating. You can also find other types of brooms that are dressed up as decor. These should also be fine. Like the ones that are dressed as a doll ,rustic designs or with bows, that way it looks like part of the decor in your home and does not stick out like a sore thumb. First you will sweep around your house you can leave a hallway to sweep a room and then continue on your way through the house just as long as all of your connections lead to the front and back door. In this case you will need two brooms. You can also start in the middle and make your ways to the front door and leave that one there go back to the middle again and start your way to the back door then leave that broom there. While you are doing this you can chant " all within the sound of my voice must leave this dwelling the inhabitants no longer welcome your presence." Again with a calm voice ( be collected, and strong, Never be mean, angry or scared. Try and have a niceness to your voice when saying any chant.) This chant is easier and will work with smudging as well. You may have seen this technique in the movie Practical Magic. The only difference here is once you are finished with this cleansing you will need to leave the broom by the front and back door if you have one. This will keep the spirit and ghost from entering your home most of the time. It is a kind of block,and will not allow the spirits and ghosts to pass. This may not always be fool proof but it will work most of the time, you will still have visitors that will try and enter, some may be stronger than others. If the broom falls then you will know company is coming or is already knocking at your door. You may want to expect some activity if this happens. This may also be a relative as mentioned before or something else on the contrary. But at least you will expect something to happen soon or at that moment. It is a warning system.

One last technique is the most strange but is should work for those who attempt to try it. If you now who your spirits or ghost is and have a photo or full name of the individual(First name and Last name otherwise it will not work, just a first name could be just about anyone.) You can do the following.... This sounds totally gross and horrible but should work for you. You will need the photo or name and a Jar or Canister with a sealed lid. I would not use this on relatives unless this is your choice. I will not banish them but it will cast them away and not allow them around you. Firs take the photo or name on a piece of paper and put it in the jar. The next part is the gross part I was talking about. You will now need to urinate on it. You can either say this out loud or not at all. Say their name and this " I will not allow you near me or my home anymore. " Then after you have done this you will need to bury the jar or canister in your backyard. You should feel the results very quickly, this is permanent. This my also work on the living ( it is always worth a try especially if someone is harassing you or bothering you) Consider it a marking of your territory of sorts. That is the best thing I can compare it too. But this is suppose to drive the intended target away.

These options may not work for everyone. And I would never claim them to be. Some homes are on a spiritual nexus. Some homes have become doorways. And will need a ritual cleansing. Some homes are just so infested based on past activities of the home or land that it is literally saturated the home. As well would need cleansing. These would not be a problem for my husband and I to deal with but we unfortunately will not expose ourselves. There are a lot of people who deal with this but you must be very careful there are a lot of people who take advantage of others and they don't know what they are doing. They just want the money from poor unsuspecting people in need. Soo please be very careful when looking for help to cleanse our home of ghosts.

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