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I am trying to collect information on what my readers would like. I am also trying to get people involved. Eventually I would I also like to offer psychic readings. My current polls are travel, psychic readings, Have you seen ghosts and scavenger hunt/gift box offer. Also check out my blog: Choose my subject/ for what you would like to know about the paranormal and unexpained!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Choose my Subject

I would like you to leave a comment on what subject you would like me to cover. I have seen a lot of sites and they cover the same old crap which I will cover in detail eventually that way my site is well rounded. However, I want to know what you want to know? I have an inside track that other sites do not have. And my advice is top of the line. You can benefit from our centuries of knowledge. As this is a new age and most people these days are sooo curious and do not have much knowledge on the paranormal and unexplained. Well I want to explain it, the whos the whats the whys that most people don't know. You want to know just leave a comment and I will cover it! I want my reader to get involved. Happy reading and blessed be to all.
Please view my other postings at the bottom or by clicking on links or pages. Thanks you for reading my blog. Even if you don't agree, I still hope you learn something from it.

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Scavenger hunt and 2 packages for first two winners

I want to do a scavenger hunt at the locations that I travel. I want to get people involved. I will have clues and then a place where you can find the package. In the package will be misc items. But I want to put a gift card and maybe a money order in there for the winners. I can only do two to start but I may eventually do more gift packages. It all depends on you guys and how well things go. Other items in the package would be souvenirs and misc usable items. Would you play? Please leave your answer with the poll below. Thanks for your input.

If I offered a scavenger hunt at the location I have visited and 2 gift packages for first two players, would you play

Would you be interested if we offered psychic readings at a small fee? Refund will be given if we do not get a reading.