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Friday, July 24, 2009

My life

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This was written on July 18th. As a Start to this blog site my first statement will be that it will intrigue and keep you reading. I am going to write about my life past and present. Occasionally there may be advice or tips but not too often.
To start off… I lead a very paranormal life. As you will soon find out. You will never find a picture of me or my husband on this site. I will have pictures of my kids and lots of pictures of paranormal activity as I collect it. A lot of paranormal activity happens around my children or in general pictures that I have taken when they are present but not in the picture. I will not give out names as i would like to stay anonymous for now. I may never reveal who I am.
You can choose to discount what I say or debunk it as you wish. This is why I have comments suspended because I would never be able to handle the volume. And a lot of what I say will be shocking or raise comment or discussions.
First off my Husband and I are wiccan. However, we do not practice and open life. We are secretive about it. Our four children are gifted as well but are not given all the information we know and do not practice. They do have an idea but are aware that we are not to tell others. They are growing up normal and will be able to choose their path. However, unfortunately it will ultimately lead them back to wicca as they were born witches and warlocks and are destined to it. We are considered royalty of sorts amongst our circles. We have lived for centuries through reincarnation. Our children however are new souls but will always follow us in every life from here on.
These days I believe witchcraft is popular because of the openness of all things and acceptance of different people. New witches are naive and have no clue. Witchcraft will never be fully accepted. Especially when someone in your work place knows. I have seen it cause fear, stereotyping and also it will hold you back in any career you may want because of ignorance.
The things I will say my shock and amaze a lot of people but this is my life and I know no other way. I probably won’t even tell my parents or family about this blog as it will floor them. Most of my family knows I am a witch but do not know the extent of things I go through. The only one that does not know or believe in these things is my father. All I can say is he will in his afterlife. Because everyone comes to see me when they pass. I do not see them but I feel them and sometimes I hear people say things in my ear. My husband is the most gifted, as he sees, hears and can talk to the dead, much like the TV show that was on awhile back. I think the hosts name was John. I did like to watch him. I found it strange however that he talked about it like you could just turn it off. Well I have to tell people you can’t it is 24 hours 7 days a week. Spirits invading you all the time. It is worse If like him you can’t see them. He may or may not have been able to see them. This is probably the reason he quite doing his show because he was getting bombarded. This is why some people go crazy. You can’t go anywhere or do anything with out a spirit coming at you. If you have ever seen ghost where Patrick Swayze learn to shock people, it can be like that. When they say a spirit can’t hurt you their wrong they can. I have felt it first hand. I will talk about that in a later blog.

My children and I have spirits around us all the time. We are so used to having them around it is not unusual for us. We have left many a house and apartment haunted. But it is only temporary and they do not stay forever. They will follow us eventually. Although it must me quite alarming to the new residents for the first month or so. I feel bad but it is just part of the whole event of our lives. But to others it is not the norm, and it scary or terrifying. My children as well have guardians around them at all times as well. Consider it spiritual Low Jacking. Scary isn’t it! But effective, they can't do anything without us knowing about it. It kind of the parents peace of mind. If nothing else you will definitely find this blog a good read.

On July 4th that just passed we went to a park to watch the fireworks. We shot a few pictures which captured paranormal activity. The picture shown are of my daughter behind her you will see a couple of images and faces appear and many orbs. One image I think is a photo shadow of her face which makes 3 faces but their are still 2 other faces above her head besides the reflective shadow. One beside her reflected face. And one to the left above, clearly not her face and there was no one else in the picture to reflect. These are digital photo so there are no negatives to transfer from one to another.Click on the photos to see them more clearly the face is clear as day. Imagines most of those orbs are single apparitions.

There are also a few pictures of them playing outside for which my eldest son snapped a few photos. These photos where taken the day after the 4th of July. In one is my son and daughter amongst some orbs.
Obs and kid at play outside my door

Included is one picture of a shot facing the pool the view from outside my apartment door. In this one you will see a sea of orbs, for which you can make out a few faces. Just click on it and some of you will see them. There is one on the right in the middle right at the edge of the photo and one in the tree area. There may be several more as this is a big gathering. Believe it or not these pictures are real and not doctored. There is no dust, dirt, mist, smoke, rain, sprinklers, water etc…. It is like a spiritual gathering except they are watching my children and me.

As of right now I am sure there are a sea of people watching us as we are here enjoying the pool I wish I had a camera right not as the sun is going down and I would definitely catch activity. I am calling my son in the apartment to grab the camera to see if we can catch anything to prove a point.

In these pictures there is water present so some will probably discount them but there are orbs in them. I had to stop cause people in the pool area were complaining. However, I took a few after they left and practically every picture has orbs. Not all will be shown. I did not see much use since most will probably not believe these photos anyway.

We do have one pet. He is a dog and is also a watcher. Ironically thinking about it his name is Shadow. Animals are used as a portal or so someone can see what is going on in another location. someone can communicate as well with those animal. For those who are gifted and can hear what they say. Which is why my sister in law is terrified of birds. But I won’t tell her that. Any animal can be a watcher or familiar. Shadow alerts my husband as well when we come and go. He also has several Hawks all over town, as well as in outlying areas, towns and cities that we may travel. I see at least one hawk a day. If traveling multiple sighting until I return home.
I am an at home mom now. And since I am home all the time, I thought I would share my experience and life to cure the blues and keep me busy.
Some may be interested in my experiences. I could probably write a book on everything that has happened to me. But I hope this Tid-Bit will intrigue some to read in the future as I will keep writing. I promise it will get more organized. Blessed be 4 now. FS over $25 250x250

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