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Thursday, July 23, 2009


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I will be talking about mirrors in this blog. Unfortunately I do not have photos for this one. I am posting one photo of my dog (shadow).But I would like to travel soon. I will be asking for donations so I can afford to do that in the future. I would also like to do a poll and ask my reader where they would like to see pictures from certain places around the US and eventually around the world. I have always wanted to travel and see ghost towns, haunted places, vortexes and scary places to others, or where others have been.

I am sooo used to it all it may or may not scare me but I will certainly take pictures and let you know if it did. I love watching paranormal shows. But it does stir up the spirits in my house everytime I do.

I wrote this on the 20th of July at the end I will have a comment from today on an event that happened yesterday.

I will talk about things I know that have happened to me, but sometimes what happens to others. I will talk occasionally about discussions I have had with my husband about other people or about famous people that he either has heard information about or first hand information. He either hears from spirits and ghost or he sees himself. He does have the capability to foresee as well as see past events.

On to mirrors. I remember when my husband and I first got together. We had just had our first son and I had come over to his moms house to stay the weekend. Our son was only a few weeks to months old. I was in the living room by myself and I heard something snap. Above the couch was a huge mirror. I was lying on the couch watching TV with my son sleeping on my chest, when I heard the snapping sound. All of a sudden the mirror slid down the wall hit the back of the couch and started to fall over on top of us. I put one leg and one arm up to block it from hitting the baby. I let out a loud scream calling out my husbands name. Lucky for me it did not crack or shatter with the impact. He ran in moments later and pulled the mirror off of us. By this time my son was crying because my screams had startled him out of his sleep. At this point in time my husband had already confided in me who he was and what he could do or was capable of.

When we were in a private room he told me that this was not an accident that some spirits were trying to look at the baby through the mirror, so they could get a good look at him. Spirits have to look through mirrors or any reflective surface to get a good view of anything they want to see clearly. Unfortunately when they did this they got too close to the mirror and pushed the wire off of the nail it was hung by. Later that night I was walking through a doorway into a bedroom and was startled by wind in my face and my hair flew back. I could compare it to walking through a door at a supermarket that has those air vents that blow on you as you are walking through the door.

He told me that that was and apology form the one who had done it. They felt bad about it and came to apologize to me. This person was a girl and was a spirit but .they were a live and was astral projecting herself. Astral projecting is the ability to leave your body and travel to another place without it. You can go just about anywhere you want. It just takes longer to get back the further you go from your body. Your soul always stays in your body however because it is attached, if it wasn't you would not be able to find you way back to your body. I tend not to do this much anymore. I tend to stay grounded because of my children. I like to be able to wake up instantly if I need to. My children and my husband still do this quite frequently. If you have ever had the feeling of hitting the bed hard and it wakes up up out of your sleep. Then you have Astral projected yourself or your body is trying to do it. The reason you hit the bed is because you were not aligned when you came back to your body. Which is the reason for the hard hit. Basically, it is a rough landing.

People who are in commas have done this. Either from avoidance of pain or what have you. They more than likely could not find their way back. They run the risk of losing their bodies as their body is vulnerable. Any spirit with the know how or power can take over that body and assume their life. Have you ever wondered why some people come out of a comma and are a completely different person sometimes it is amnesia the mind justs wants to forget. But it is possible. Even for wiccans of our power you can be an organ donor. And if you die and your organs are used in a transplant. Then my spirit can assume that persons body and take over their life. Their soul is basically kicked out. If we choose not to use that body, the person will more than likely die as their body will reject the organ or that is what they will think. Basically, the organ will be like poison. The same goes for blood donation, but that is basically poison. Feel at ease, my husband and I are not organ donors for DMV and always choose no on any forms and we do not give blood.

You will not find many mirrors in our hours as they are portals. Consider them doorways. We only have them in our bathrooms and the door to my bathrooms remain closed. Because I hate it when I catch them coming and going out of the corner of my eye. Or walking in and out of the door. Usually at night is when I catch this when the bathroom light is off. I only leave it open occasionally because the dog lies to sleep on the cool floor. Yesterday July 23rd was the last time a saw one. The bathroom door was closed. and i was in my bedroom and I caught a figure running from the hall into the bathroom, which I was sure they were using the mirror. I told my husband about it today. He told me it was himself he was checking up on us because the maintenance man was going to come by to look at some problems.

I used to have a mirror that was attached to my dresser. I remember we had a lot more activity especially in the bedroom when we had that. We had it for at least 10 years. I remember one time I was looking for something around the house that I lost. The next thing I knew I heard something moving behind the mirror as if they were using it to slide the item up the back of it. I walked into the bedroom and I heard it drop. Sure enough I looked behind the dresser and it was what I was looking for. They were trying to move it and put it somewhere in the open where I could find it.

In these instances which still happen to this day. I just say "Thank You!" out loud for finding it and just go on about my day. Just the other day my son was looking for the manual to his cell phone. he asked me where it was and I told him I was sure it was buried in my closed somewhere. I was in the kitchen cleaning up and noticed the manual to his cell phone was on the counter. I walked into his room and said "Did you find the book?" He said "no." I looked at him curiously. I said "you did not look for it in this book?" He said "No" again. I said well you better thank them because they found it for you and left it on the counter. Weird thinks like that happen all the time. Sometimes it is just a whisper in you head like it is your own thought where to find what you are looking for. I can usually tell the difference. You go and look there and sure enough there it is.

There are soo many things people are naive about, which you will definitely learn reading my blog. You can believe it or choose to dismiss it but what I say is the truth, which is why I am doing this anonymously. For which you can see why. Til Next time blessed be.

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